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Cloud API Documentation

Rest(ful) API resources

Transactional Processing (one record)

Our most popular API, suitable for lower volume and real-time address processing requests. Our REST API supports a wide range of component and composite input fields and the ability to control the process and output settings. The data for each call can be built within a HTTP(S) method (using GET or POST). This API should be used for type-ahead (or auto-complete) functionality.

Transactional API documentation Per-record CASS/AMAS reference

Batch Upload Processing (many records)

Our new Batch API is best suited for large volumes of data. The workflow combines a menu of resources that allow you to upload, confirm, list and download batch job data.

View the Batch CLoud API documentation

Supporting REST services


Returns aggregate usage information about an API key including country, API and method requested.


Generates an authentication token for other secure REST services.

SOAP API resource

Transactional Processing (one record)

Our SOAP API provides an alternative interface to the Loqate engine on a per-record basis. Please note that some of the newer features on our REST API will not be included in our SOAP specification.

View the SOAP/WSDL documentation

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